How do I get it?
Because not all members are willing to publish their details on the Internet, the Directory is not available here. However, do please contact the SMOGS Secretary

if you have not yet got a copy, or have a query or amendment to make. In 2013 we began issuing the directory securely by email.

What is it?
A list of Girls and Staff on our database. This is maintained by the SMOGS Secretary, Caroline Thomas, in a LocoFile index system on her PC. It is sent free of charge to any Old Girl or staff member who asks for it, and is occasionally fully revised and re-issued. The list includes name, with both maiden and married surnames, the years of attendance if known, address, phone number, email and a brief description of family, career and current activities.

What details are missing?
Here is a list of the Old Girls with whom we have lost contact. If you have information, please tell us.
(Updated November 2013)

Geraldine Alderson
Pamela Allcock
Christine Anderson
Janet Anthony
Valerie Bainbridge
Sister Bell
Jennifer Bond
Elizabeth Cadman
Jenny Clements
Cheril Denham
Shirin Farhad
Sanam Ghayour
Sarah Gilbertson
Mary Goddard
Hazel Greenfield
Diana Howard
Miss Peggy Kerrigan
Ann Koettlitz
Margaret Landry
Ann Lovick
Judy Machol
Susan Madley
Hamideh Malek
Angela Minter
Jennifer Pellatt
Navabeh Pezeshkan
Croline Ratcliffe
Christina Rees
Jane Robertson
Sheelin Ryan
Valerie Sharp
Helen Sievwright
Dulcie Slater
Penny Smith
Carole Temkin
Barbara Walton
Jane West
Jean Williams
Victoria Wratton

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