Future events
2020 ---  Saturday 25 April, from 14.00, Clifton Hotel
Corner of The Leas and Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone CT20 2EB, 01303 851231
It was Jean Bristow (1964) who recommended the Clifton, because her Year met there in 2018 and plans to return in April 2020. So we decided to try it out in 2019, and 31 Old Girls, mostly from south-east England, had a happy time there on 13 April, as reported at the bottom of Reunions / Previous. We all agreed to repeat it, and 25 April is the end of the week when Jean's class are to be in Folkestone for several days. So do put it in your diary, tell your classmates to do the same and await the invitation later in the year.

2020 is the 130th anniversary of the founding of our school. You might like to read about it. Go to the History page, then The Story of the School, Chapter 1.