Future events
At the reunion on 23 September 2017 we held a sort of committee meeting to decide about next year. Maureen has been worried about the dropping numbers of Old Girls attending, and came near to resigning as Chairman of SMOGS, but we persuaded her not to, and not to worry any more, as lower numbers is an inevitable part of an ageing society without new young people to replace the older ones. The school closed in 1967 and there's nothing we can do about it!

We decided to ask if anyone would like to host a reunion away from the London and south-east area, and if no-one does, then Vida Farhad knows a place in London that should be able to accommodate and feed us at a reasonable cost per head.

The advantage of London is that for the many Old Girls who tell us they can no longer drive long distances, if at all, the railway network to London is better than anywhere.

I shall be sending this out by email to all our members, with the proviso that we are not asking the overseas Girls to host a reunion!

We also think late Spring might be a good option, as many Girls take autumn holidays.

If you have views and ideas about all this, do email me on carolinejthomas@yahoo.co.uk
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