The Society
SMOGS exists in order to keep the School's pupils and staff members in touch with each other and to keep the memories and spirit of the School alive. Membership is free, though donations are welcomed to cover our administrative expenses. Cheques should be made payable to St Margaret's Old Girls' Society and sent to the Treasurer.

We send detailed directories to anyone who has said they want to be kept up-to-date, with amendments, newsletters and invitations to reunions every year. The directory gives first name, maiden name, married name, years of attendance, address, phone number, email address and a brief description of family, career and current activities. We rely on members to tell us about changes to these details.

The Chairman is
Maureen O'Sullivan:
Mrs M.Olley
Monken Gotthard
Hadley Green Road
Monken Hadley
Barnet, Herts.
020 8440 1299

The Administrator and Webmistress is Caroline Thomas:
77 Forest Road
E17 6HF
020 8527 4896

About this website
Created in
August 2004
by Caroline
Thomas, with
training and
support by Dominic Coltman, to whom
many, many thanks.
Maureen formed SMOGS as soon as she left school, because she had so many friends with whom she wanted to keep in touch, and the Hassons pressed her to do so. The original annual membership fee was 2/6d, and £2.10.0d for life membership. The first AGM was held in the Hotel Wampach, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone, the director, Mr Sargent being a St Mags parent. The meeting decided to raise the subscription to 5/- and to appoint Wendy Woolliams as Chairman. Early reunions were held at the office of Maureen's father, who helped provide the initial finance and produced their letters on an old Gestetner machine. As years passed, people were busy with their babies and careers, and numbers dropped, but they picked up again later. Today we have no formal membership or subscriptions, and do not hold AGMs, but we have several hundred names on our list, a computerised database and now a website! Long live SMOGS in the 21st century!
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