Between 1955 and 1959
   the School was unbeaten.
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These girls had swum three miles in 3 hours non-stop. Sheila Tuckwell, not in the photo, had swum six miles in the same time! l-r: Caroline Young, Vivienne Moncrieff, Mary Shaw, Sandra Lewis, Jean Bristow, Susan Morwood.

Folkestone Swimming Pool, built in 1936: Wednesday mornings by coach, horror at seeing the water temperature level chalked up outside, rubber ankle rings to claim our cardboard clothes boxes, cheese rolls afterwards while watching Egyptian channel swimmers in training.
 Tennis captains
 1947   Wendy Woolliams
 1948   Wendy Woolliams
 1949   Wendy Woolliams
 1950   June Bonniface
 1951  June Bonniface
 1952   Audrey L.
 1953   Isobel Drew
 1954   Isobel Drew
 1955   Julie Mannering
 1956   Leila Farhad
 1957   Leila Farhad
 1958   Ann Croft
 1959   Sarah Crump
 1960   Sarah Crump
 1961  Sarah Crump
 1962    Susan Koettlitz
 1963   Heather Bond
 1964   Saname Ghayour
 1965   Saname Ghayour
 1966   Ann Koettlitz
 1967   Ann Koettlitz
In 1954 Audrey Taylor won the national Kennett Cup for schoolgirl swimmers over fifty metres, a most coveted trophy.
The land for creating the hard tennis courts adjacent to the Junior School in the corner of Grimston Gardens was presented to the School in 1954 by Mr George Stone, Doreen's father, and a well-known local property developer. To this generosity he added a silver trophy, the Doreen Stone Cup for the best marks in the Common Entrance examination: the first Junior Cup.
Joy Heanley
left in 1960, with a tennis record that seemed to send her, in the words of The Folkestone Herald newspaper "heading for the Centre Court at Wimbledon.". She won our singles tournament and cup two years running. In 1959 she won the Kent Junior Championship and played for the county against Middlesex. She won the Folkestone Open Ladies' Singles and the Nunally Salver. In 1960 she was invited to play in the Wimbledon Junior Plate, and won. Partnering Sarah Crump for two seasons they never lost a set.
Bronze Medallists for Life Saving, 1954
Miss Jill Norrington (later Mrs Longley, died 2000), and Miss Irma Godwin, sports mistresses. This photo was taken in 1954.
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Tennis team 1938, Caroline's sister Amber 4th from left
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